How to use Pictory AI to make $500 Per Day! (Better than Steve AI)

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If you're looking to make $500 per day, Pictory AI might just be the tool you need. This online video creation tool uses image recognition technology to help you quickly generate high-quality videos that can promote your brand, boost your online presence, and generate income.  There are no advanced video editing skills required to use this video tool to make amazing videos to earn additional income through affiliate marketing and/or YouTube AdSense revenue.

Some of the amazing video creation tools include a built-in video editor, AI-Generated voiceover options, an array of editing options, image enhancer, video editing capabilities, stock footage and music included, automated video creation all in this AI powered video solution. Compare it to Steve AI and you will see why it is the highest quality product!

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Pictory AI to make $500 per day:

Step 1: Sign up for Pictory AI and create an account.

Step 2: Choose your video creation template from the online video creation tool's vast collection of options.

Step 3: Upload high-quality images and videos that are relevant to your content. Using Pictory's artificial intelligence excellent image recognition capabilities, the tool will process your content to select the best frames and scenes for your video.

Step 4: Edit the video to your liking using the mechanics of editing at your disposal. Pictory AI offers basic image manipulation features such as image tagging, niche image recognition capabilities, and accurate product recognition.

Step 5: Customize the branding elements of your video to fit your brand and use categorization options to appeal to your desired audience.

Step 6: Make sure your video represents your product, service or content creatively and professionally, this will enhance the customers' seamless experience.

Step 7: Share your videos to your desired platforms and keep track of the views and engagements.

Step 8: Utilize the analytics feature of Pictory AI to monitor your videos and track your audiences’ engagement. With this data, you can adjust your marketing strategies and campaigns to get more views and engagements. You can also use the metrics to analyze viewers’ viewing habits and interests, as well as their buying preferences.

With Pictory AI, content creation is taken away from the time-consuming and tedious process it used to be, thereby giving valuable time back to content creators. Its fantastic product is capable of generating multiple high-quality videos on a daily basis, which can be used as video marketing, animated videos, shareable video highlight reels, video ads and more.

While Pictory AI is a valuable tool for content creators, it's important to note that it also has its potential drawbacks. There's a risk of errors that users need to be aware of, as sometimes the scenes may not be chosen correctly. However, with practice, one can optimize the use of the tool.

Pictory AI does have the ability to make an entire video with its video generator which I will demonstrate by using the tool to convert this article to a video which I will link to at the end of this blog post. This is an excellent feature if you are looking to create video content for your marketing videos automatically!  You can also convert video scripts as well. 

In conclusion, Pictory AI is an excellent online video creation tool that can help you generate high-quality videos quickly and efficiently. Its excellent image recognition technology, branding elements, and categorization options make it a valuable tool for any content creator looking to make a boatload of money online!

 Click here to see this article converted into a video:

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